Courses on Offer


Dianne Bohn

Dianne offers courses in Rudiments, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis, Music History and Pedagogy for the RCM teaching diploma. She also teaches pop and jazz improvisations from chord charts, as well as arranging for vocal ensembles.

Contact Dianne Bohn at:

250-585-7828 or


Teresa M. Borek

Teresa offers courses in Harmony, History, Counterpoint, Analysis and Pedagogy.

Contact Teresa Marusarz-Borek at (250) 756-2222 or


Carmen Falconer

Carmen offers courses in: Harmony, History, Counterpoint/Analysis and Music Explorers

Music Explorers is a blend of music (vocal and instrumental – including piano), art, drama, and dance for young children. In each level, students explore a new theme monthly and showcase their achievements at 2 yearly performances. This non-parent participation program introduces young musicians to the arts and small class sizes create an encouraging environment.

Mini-Explorers – 3 years of age

Explorers – 4-5 years of age

Master Explorers – 5-6 years of age

Contact Carmen Falconer at:

(250) 729-7483 or


Donna Falconer

Donna offers courses in Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis & Music History and Musical Theatre.

Musical Theatre classes are offered at a variety of age levels. The class sizes are small. Students participate in set creation, costume preparation, and present age-appropriate performances of Young People’s musical theatre.

Contact Donna Falconer at:

(250) 751-2788 or


Jenna Pye

Jenna offers classes in Kindermusik , music and movement classes for babies and toddlers. Each class is specially designed to nurture the holistic development of young children, not only in their music skills, but also in their language, social, emotional, and physical skills. We make learning absolutely fun while letting your precious kids enjoy hours of imaginative play! Parent participation required. Classes are run on Thursday mornings at Hammond Bay Church.

Contact: Jenna Pye’s Music Studio 250-667-8793 or


Sue Wood

Sue offers courses in Harmony & History.

Mary Jackson

Mary offers lessons in Suzuki Piano and Speech Arts.  Please contact Mary at for more information.

Contact Sue Wood at: 250-591-5463 or