Duckworth, Miriam

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Nanaimo, BC V9S 2P1, Canada
1121 Thunderbird Drive Nanaimo British Columbia V9S 2P1 CA

Miriam has 36 years experience teaching both Suzuki method to children ages 3 and up and traditional approaches to all ages. She just moved to Nanaimo after living and teaching in Duncan, Vancouver, Victoria and Winnipeg. Her training includes: Victoria Conservatory of Music teacher training course (AVCM), Royal Conservatory of Music (ARCT teacher’s diploma) and Suzuki Method Levels 1-4. She is an RCM Certified Advanced Teacher. She believes:

-music is a language and any child immersed in music will develop musically

-every child can, just as every child learns to understand, speak, read and write their mother tongue

-parent involvement is important and welcome.

Miriam Duckworth.jpg 5 years ago
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