Hibberd, Joanna


Joanna offers the new EZee Piano Systems© program which is designed for teens, adults, and seniors who have always wanted to play the piano.  This small group program uses a pictorial method to get students started playing hands together right away.  It also teaches chording and how to read notes on the staff.

Joanna moved to Duncan recently from the Okanagan where she taught piano for over 20 years, preparing students for exams and teaching rudiments, history & harmony.  She completed her Piano Performer diploma with the Royal Conservatory of Toronto when she was 18.  She taught Music for Young Children, another group piano program, and joined the South Okanagan Branch of the Registered Music Teacher’s Association where she acted as secretary-treasurer for 15 years.  Joanna plays for churches, musicals, soloists, weddings, and funerals.

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